Stuart Bermingham Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer
Auckland, New Zealand

Building bespoke websites uniquely tailored to your needs.

I'm Stuart, a seasoned full stack web developer with over a decade of professional experience. After graduating from Yoobee Design School, I worked for the successful digital agency Little Giant before setting out myself.

Since transitioning to freelance work I've created advanced web solutions for many businesses. I specialise in building custom websites that cater to the unique requirements of each client. My main technical knowledge and skills include PHP, JavaScript, SQL databases, Linux servers and web hosting, search engine optimization and HTML5/CSS3.

I am available for new opportunities, so if you'd like to talk please email me at

Recent Work


Automated Ordering System

RainCloud requested a website that allows customers to book and pay for their water deliveries online rather than over the phone. This makes the RainCloud user experience quick and easy for their customers. This has contributed to their success as Auckland's leading water delivery service.

MPOSA Online Web Application Design


Data Visualization/Analysis

MPOSA is a project created by Navigatus Maritime that required a web based application for the visualization and analysis of vessel navigational data. The tool is already being utilized by ports around NZ and Australia and it will soon be taken International.

Forté Flooring

Ecommerce/Product Catalog

Forté Flooring envisioned a comprehensive website that showcased their product catalog to customers and wholesalers. The website includes many custom built features that aren't available if built on typical Ecommerce platforms.